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As a resident of Brea for 46 years, I have seen all the changes in our little town. I grew up one block from Laurel Elementary Magnet School and now have raised my family in the same neighborhood. A few years ago, there was a proposal to have a drive-thru restaurant literally across from Laurel Elementary. Kari was integral in the movement to stop this by stepping up and filing an appeal to a zoning change and Conditional Use Permit. The members of the City Council, at the time, voted to approve this project! While rallying along with other advocates for the children and families, Kari helped in the founding of Safer Avenues for Everyone, a nonprofit organization. SAFE was able to bring the litigation needed to stop this for now. Large businesses and special interests have little to gain from helping those who do not have a voice. I endorse Kari Windes for the City Council because she is running to be an advocate for ALL Brea residents and not just a few. I like that Kari has the background, education, experience, backbone, and heart to truly be a voice of common sense and reasonable development. In recent weeks, she helped support opposition to the Planning Commission to stop a proposed gun store with 1,000 feet of Laurel Elementary and within feet of residential homes. She is a leader and will always voice the side of Safety. Kari will make a wonderful addition to the City Council. — Jimini Ohler
Brea Resident

Kari Windes is a leader that will listen and protect the citizens of Brea. Kari takes physical safety and fiscal responsibility seriously. Kari is still watching out for the community of Brea. Let her protect the community by being on Brea City Council. Vote for Kari Windes.

— Diane Stites
I first met Kari in her role as the librarian at my daughter’s school and have come to greatly respect her values and initiative, not only educating our children but keeping them safe. She represents the best of Brea and will represent our city well as a member of the city council. — Tae Kim
BOUSD Parent
Kari is someone we desperately need on Brea City Council! She loves this community and wholeheartedly works to help make Brea a safe city to raise a family. With her on the city council, I will rest assured, knowing she will put the safety of our children first. — Destiny Conwi
BOUSD Employee & Parent
A vote for Kari is a vote for kids! As a Laurel Elementary Magnet School parent, I have seen first hand how much Kari cares about kids and the community. She is genuinely a person that cares for the good of all people. Kari has my vote! — Chris Becerra
Consultant/College Professor
Kari is the exact person we need on the Brea City Council to help bring more attention to our childrens education and safety. She has a proven track record of selfless representation for all children in Brea. She will fight, as she always has, to ensure Brea remains an amazing place to raise a family. — Lindsay Caulford
Brea Parent
Kari is a fierce individual, who will fight for what she believes in. We are lucky to have her in our family, and in this community. There is no other individual who cares more about what happens in Brea. Your vote for her ensures future generations' ability to thrive in this wonderful city. — Kris Hendricks
Kari is concerned for what is right in Brea. Kari and a group of parents kept Raising Canes from building a business in a residential and school neighborhood. As a long time resident she is not new to the issues in Brea. This shows she will vote for what is right for Brea residents. — Christine Evans
Kari will be the voice of the Brea citizens for responsible development and public safety. — Mary Martinez
Brea Resident
Kari as a City Council member, will only strengthen Brea as a city and do good for the community of Brea. — Purvi Parikh
Brea Resident
Kari Windes is exactly the type of person we need on the Brea City Council. She has been an active member of the community. She lives in Brea, works in Brea, and will continue to fight for the people of Brea. — Roderick Conwi
BOUSD Parent

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