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Thank You

Dear Friends,

First and foremost: Thank you, everyone, for being a multitude of blessings. And this message is not just for those who voted for me; thank you to all who contributed to the democratic process, voting for those precious individual ideals or candidates who reflect them. Voting is, after all, one of the love languages for our country, to partake in the peaceful adoption of new leaders or laws or systems by which we hold accountable society’s rules. Vote by vote; all together. 

On a more personal note: Thank you to those who helped throughout this election process in myriad ways—social media development and execution, moral support, voices of reason. I think we don’t often get a chance to call on people for support. My husband once told me that people want to be asked for help. He was right, and when I asked for help, an awful lot of people were willing to step forward and lend a hand. I am grateful, and promise to pay those gestures forward as long as I am able. 


Kari Windes

Committee to Elect Kari Windes
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