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Q&A with Kari Windes, Candidate for Brea City Council

If you don’t know who Kari Windes is, you're in luck. She is a longtime resident of Brea with her family. She not only lives in Brea, but she also built her career serving the people of Brea. She has been involved in many community organizations from the Brea Education Foundation to the local Parent Teacher Organization. Now, she seeks to further serve her community as a member of the Brea City Council.

Here is a short interview with Kari:

1. Why are you running to be on the Brea City Council?

Honestly, the state of confusion within the political world made me wonder if it didn’t need more boring, predictable people involved. People who prioritize family, and hold a true wish to help others. Even in childhood, I volunteered to help my mother in assisted care homes where residents taught me to play 21 in sign language, and it continued through my young adult and adult life. For years I volunteered at the Brea Education Foundation, assisting in the procurement of a grant to help traumatized kids, and then later I fought against oversights regarding the safety of low-income, Title I students at Laurel who were vulnerable to the dangers of high traffic. I have teenagers at home and wish to show them that a little effort can have a positive effect. It was time to walk the walk, right?

2. Why are you qualified for the job? 

I’m probably not. If life were perfect, I would have an MBA in finance from an Ivy league university, a masters in psychology, and a law degree to boot. I have none of these things; I’ve lived here a long time, I care about many people who live here, too. I have a Masters in Communications, from CSUF, had a great career as an editor in magazine publishing  and later, stepped out of the rat race as a media tech, helping students learn to love reading at Laurel Elementary Magnet’s media center. I am a quick learner, and ask a lot of questions. I know my shortcomings, and have been blessed to know many talented and knowledgeable people (who often make up for them, thank goodness). 

3. What do you intend to do for the people of Brea as a city council member?  

I think that people seek to have interaction with a live, caring person, and I hope to continue outreach for ideas and connection within the community. I wish to bring these concerns to the council table. I plan to focus on safety for the community, thoughtful and transparent development, and nurturing the spirit of service.

Committee to Elect Kari Windes
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