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Kari Windes is Brea's Candidate for Safety

When it comes to the issue of safety in the City of Brea, Kari Windes is the clear choice.

Windes has a commitment to the safety of the people of Brea. She is committed to the safety of people in their homes and their neighborhoods. She wants people to be safe around their neighborhood, whether it is on foot or on bike. 

In 2020, a fast-food drive thru restaurant was planning to open a new location next to Laurel Elementary Magnet School. Windes, a BOUSD employee at Laurel, knew that this would be a dangerous situation for the kids and the community. She knew that pick up and drop off were already hazardous situations, and adding a popular drive-thru next to an open elementary school was a dangerous idea, so she decided to do something about it.

She filed an appeal to the City of Brea opposing the project. She organized community members to voice their concerns to the board members of BOUSD and the Brea City Council. These efforts eventually led to the founding of Safer Avenues For Everyone (SAFE), an organization committed to keep the streets of Brea as safe as possible. 

I personally have seen Windes speaking up on behalf of the Brea community at City Council meetings. As a co-founder of SAFE, I’ve also seen her in meetings where she has to participate in difficult discussions and work with people of different points of view. She is tough and has the courage to fight for what she believes is right. 

Windes has fought, and continues to fight for the safety of the people of Brea. If safety is something you care about, then vote for Kari Windes for Brea City Council.

Rod Conwi is an educator, parent of BOUSD students, and a co-founder of SAFE.

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