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Issues for the Brea Community

Brea's diverse, dynamic community boasts a wide socio-economic range, as well as an enriching cultural background. While this seems like governing may be more complicated, studies have shown that, at least in the corporate setting, diversity makes a successful team. (Harvard Business Review. Brea is such a team. Through careful attention to citizen's needs, we can Build Brea Together. Some things that should be brought to the table:

1. Safety for citizens: residents of all ages, pedestrians, students, businesses, commuters and bicyclists.

2. Development: How much; where is it located; is it servicing the needs of the surrounding community; how could it affect the other services to the community

3. Water: How are future water restrictions anticipated to affect our community? 

4. Brea City Budget: How healthy is Brea? Services, pensions, etc.

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